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A Thought For Food… & Some Food For Thought…

Posted 24/01/2014

Food for thought… we are delighted to inform parents we have taken the catering in-house, we valued the staff so much we are pleased to say they are now also part of the ever growing team of staff at St George’s and look forward to the increasing variety in the lunchtime menus:
Ann Tayler (Catering Manager): "Management of myself and my team: Lisa & Jo (chefs), Sam, Sam, Emma & Ann (front of house assistants) has recently been transferred and we can now proudly say that we work for St. George's School. This changeover has meant that we can now provide the children with more variety and also more of the things that they like. We also look forward to getting feedback from the School Council about the changes they would like to see. To aid this process we are planning to have taster sessions to identify new ideas."

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